“Kristina has the incredible gift of making people feel seen and valued. She makes sure everyone is well taken care of. She is not afraid to face the ugly parts of life and does so with grace and love. No one is more prepared to learn and care for others than Kristina. I highly recommend her if you are searching for belonging, encouragement, and/or care and wisdom.”

- Hannah Abbot


“Kristina has the ability to connect with her clients relationally, comprehend complex dynamics within the therapeutic process, and she has an uncanny ability to view clients within unique cultural and systemic contexts.”

- Jeff Cook


“During my interactions with Kristina, I have found her to be very compassionate, respectful, and caring towards the individuals she interacts with.”

- Edward Ewe


“Kristina is a woman of great integrity and character. She has a high level of empathy and concern for the well-being of others and is a strong source of encouragement and wisdom for those around her.

- Brooke N. Lundquist


"Between stimulus and response there’s a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and freedom.” 

- Viktor Frankl

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