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Common Questions

I'm so glad you have questions. I hope you find answers here, but if you don’t, please feel free to contact me.

How can counseling help me deal with my anxiety, depression, panic attacks,

grief or loss?


Many of my clients come in feeling tired, overwhelmed (especially since Covid invited itself into their lives), notice their (fill in the blank) has gotten worse, and often feel alone and stuck. From our first session, I create an open & warm, judgment-free space and invite you to share your concerns and pain. I will carefully and fully listen, ask questions to learn about you, and be a witness to all that you have been holding. Together we will co-create a path forward, try out new coping tools to help you tolerate your distressing emotions, find what was lost, recover joy, and discover more freedom. We will create a space where you feel like you can breathe again.


Devastating loss or major changes (divorce, breakup, death, serious illness, job loss, miscarriage, pet loss, broken hopes and dreams, etc..) blindside us or leave us feeling numb. Each of us grieve in different ways that align with our life experiences, personality & coping styles, our faith, and other factors. Healing has no timeline, so please be patient with yourself. I know you will never “get over” your loss, but I do know you will move forward. If you have been touched (or tackled) by loss and moving through the emotional turmoil feels overwhelming, stressful, and/or confusing, please connect with me. You do not have to suffer alone.


Studies have shown that for many clients, counseling is the most effective therapy. Clients report the following outcomes from therapy:


  • Use effective coping techniques and problem-solving skills to handle stress

  • Discover more about yourself, improve self-esteem, and elevate self-confidence

  • Identify the origins of your distress and work to heal them

  • Cope with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. more effectively

  • Learn how to relax and be present

  • Gain new perspectives & insights

  • Redefine (your definition of) balance

Do you work with trauma?


Yes, I have training in Lifespan Integration level 1 (LI) and (Attachment) EMDR level 1& 2 (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). Both are cutting edge and deeply transformative therapies.

Lifespan Integration has helped clients not only feel better and experience more self-acceptance, but clients also report relationships feel safe again. Additionally, clients report after LI, they respond to situations (instead of react to stressors and triggers) in ways that make more sense. For more info:

EMDR reprocesses traumatic and disturbing memories. Sometimes, our brains store trauma or disturbing memories in unhelpful and/or unhealthy ways causing a wound. EMDR helps our brain to heal by briefly focusing on the traumatic or disturbing memory and adding bilateral stimulation (eye movements, tapping). The outcome is a felt sense that the focused memory is less vivid and less emotionally charged. For more info:


EMDR has helped many clients with numerous conditions including:

  • PTSD                                            

  • Complicated grief

  • Panic attacks

  • Disturbing memories

  • Stress reduction

  • Performance anxiety

  • Sexual and/or Physical Abuse

  • Body Image disorders

  • Distressing emotions that seem to come out sideways

  • and more.



Can you help my partner and I get along better?

I am thrilled that you are curious about couples counseling. Two brave souls making a wise investment. Relationships, in any season, can benefit from counseling to strengthen and deepen your emotional bond. I work with couples by identifying their conflict cycle, deescalate the negative cycle, nurture acceptance and new bonding experiences, and explore new ways to repair and connect. You will discover more about yourself, more about your partner, and together, both of you will build a mutually supportive, caring, and intimate relationship.


"what we cannot hold, we cannot process. what we cannot process, we cannot transform. what we cannot transform haunts us."


-Bobrow 2007

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